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Eye Care Testimonials Massachusetts

"Thank you Dr. Papale – you have changed my vision and my life for the better. I am so happy! I should have done this a long time ago!"

-Laura Ferrentino

"I gave myself the gift of sight by having Dr. Papale perform lasik surgery on me seven days before I turned fifty. After wearing glasses and contacts forty years prior, I was ready to experience clear vision without any visual aides. As a performer, this was important to me.

Dr. Papale and his wonderful staff informed me of all aspects of the surgery, and I was reassured that my decision would be life changing. They were all very comforting, and brought me through each phase of this procedure with professionalism and warmth. This brief and painless process allowed me to see clearly within minutes. It seemed like a miracle that I went from seeing nothing, to seeing everything. Now, I simply need mild reading glasses only for small print. I see everything around me with such crisp, clear vision!! Let Dr. Papale give you the priceless gift of sight."

-Barb Govoni

"My surgical experience was precise, skillful and very comfortable. It was pain-free, quick and filled with personalized attention/care. I was well-informed and fully relaxed throughout the procedure. The follow-up has been extraordinary. I am so glad that I put my faith in Dr. Papale and his competent medical team."

-Mary Ann Burritt, School Counselor

"I'm so grateful to Dr. Papale and his staff, I was nervous, but they answered all of my questions and Dr. Papale was there through the whole surgery walking me through step by step. Trust me, if you're considering LASIK, you want to meet Dr. John Papale."

-Jill Monson, Marketing Director

"The staff at the Papale Eye Center was wonderful. They addressed all my concerns and put me at ease. The surgery itself was a "piece of cake." My only regret is not having it done sooner. I would advise anyone to consult with Dr. Papale and to trust in his recommendations."

-Nancy I. Reusch, Paramedic